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Over the holidays we all want to take time to celebrate and reflect on the year behind us, as we prepare for the year ahead. It’s been an exciting year for Stillwater Architecture, as we’ve been able to continue to deliver high quality service to our valued clients. We’ve enjoyed working on projects in Boulder, Bozeman, and Chicago, and sharing great tips, tricks, and tidbits through our blog here.

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The pantry is an usual room in the house. It first appeared, in its near present form, during the late Middle Ages, where separate rooms within a large manor were used specifically to store food. Now of course they did not have canned goods or access to many known preservatives (outside of salting), so these rooms were not used in exactly the same way as the modern pantry. The word “pantry” itself comes from the French word of “Paneterie,” which is derived from the Latin word “Panis,” which means bread. So during the late Middle Ages, a pantry was a specific room used to store bread. Over the years, the use of the pantry expanded, as did the variations of pantry. One specific kind of pantry is known as the “Butler’s Pantry.”

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dream home

Everyone has a different visual of their dream home. Some may want a ranch style, single-story house on an expansive property, while others look towards a three story colonial with a craftsman style interior. Whatever the look and feel a person has regarding their dream home, it is important to try and hunt it down while searching the market. Outside of building the house from the ground up, here are a few tips on finding any dream home.

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