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The ML List: Top Architects & Designers 2018

Mountain Living Magazine, 2018

The editors of Mountain Living are pleased to present an exclusive guide to the most talented and influential architects and interior designers at work in the West today.

These designers and architects in mountain territories have worked hard to become top in their professions, and we’ve taken note of their work, along with receiving recommendations from their clients, vendors, professional organizations and readers.

Keeping our readers in mind, we’ve organized the list to be user friendly. You’ll find architects and designers listed by state and town; some architects have more than one office location and we have listed only their main corporate location. Those who were featured in Mountain Living during the past two years receive a special highlight that mentions their most recent project featured in the magazine as of J/F 2018. (Architects and designers who have been featured during the past two years but are located in an area outside of Mountain Living’s territory are grouped together at the end of the list.)

This year’s list is illustrated with a few of our favorite high-country spaces featured in the pages of Mountain Living over the past year.


For The Love of Lakes

Western Home Journal, Summer 2017

Lakes evoke serenity, promise, intimacy, grandeur, and ultimately a connection to the natural world. On the edge of Whitefish Lake sits a home both striking and intuitive in its design and construction. A home that follows the gently sloping topography to the sights and sounds of the lake and its patina of ever-changing moods that, by definition, perfectly accompany the simple, yet dramatic structure comprised of cedar woods, metal cladding, stucco, and natural stones. And, like a connection to the natural environment, the homeowner and her passionate team of architect, builder, and interior designer knew from the start that their connection and collaboration would be essential in the process of creating a home built to effortlessly transition to the lakeshore while emphasizing the embrace of the spectacular cedar groves surrounding the property.


Virtual Escape: Get the Alpine Lodge Look at Home

Houzz, March 2017

What to do when friends and family are booking ahead for the ski season – and you know it’s not on the cards for you? While you may not be able to find the time to fly off to the Canadian Rockies or The Remarkables in New Zealand, you can recreate the look of an alpine lodge at home. It’s an easy way to help every day feel more like a holiday, even if you’re only going as far as your own balcony. Here, we explain the thinking behind alpine lodges and show you how to get the look, in every room of your house.


16 Splendid Rustic Living Room Ideas For A Warm And Cozy Feeling

Architecture Art Designs, April 2017

The rustic residence design is a very unique and character filled design style. It takes cues from mountain lodges, log cabins, lake houses and Wild West-themed houses. It is not very hard to recognize which rustic home took ideas from the home types mentioned just now. For example, a cabin home would have a distinguishable look on the outside thanks to the weathered wood, stone siding, log construction and the most important part, a breathtaking view of the mountains and surrounding nature.
On the inside, most rustic residences feature decor which focuses on rough, weathered materials that can include everything from wool, knotted wood, leather and iron. Mountain lodges often incorporate animal themes such as antlers, taxidermy, hide rugs and other similar accessories.
But even though a rustic house can include everything that we’ve mentioned so far, most homeowners nowadays choose to go for a subtler version of this style by only using a few rustic details.