award winning home design

What sets an award winning home design apart from the rest? While the award can vary based on the unique tastes of the organization, institution or publication presenting the award, there are often a handful of design elements used in modern award winning home designs. For anyone considering a new home, these aspects should be incorporated into the new design.

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pictures of beautiful homes

Spring is a time of new beginnings. A time to dust off the cobwebs of winter, and think about summer and any home projects it could bring. Whether you’re considering building a new primary residence or investing in a vacation home… it all starts with inspiration. Thinking about the style of home you are dreaming up, the layout and functionality can help you to turn that dream into a reality, and we’d like to help!

Get inspired in today’s post!

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traditional architecture

When looking at architectural styles for a new home, home owners may come across the term “new traditional architecture.” Some refer to it as new classical architecture, but the idea is more or less the same. It is the recreation of classical looks. Sometimes these traditional architectural stylings include some updated features, blending traditional with modern, but for the most part, one can look at it as a throwback to these classical styles from the past.

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