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home design trends 2017

The New Year is a perfect time to begin home remodel projects. From a simple accent wall to finally tackling that kitchen project, there is always a way to spruce up the home. Interior design trends generally evolve a bit slower over time, but staying on top of the curve can help with resale value and just give the house a fresh, vibrant feel. While the year is still young, here are some of the best home design trends 2017 has to offer.

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traditional architectural style christmas decor

Whether planning for a party or just bringing in some holiday spirit, there’s nothing like a home decorated for this time of the year. But beyond the Christmas tree, stockings or maybe that old wreath on the front of the door, what are some options to decorating a traditional architectural style home for the holidays? Here are a few fun ideas that can liven up just about any home.

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modern farmhouse architecture

What is it about a farmhouse that makes us feel all warm and comfortable? When we think about farmhouses, the first things that come to mind are a feeling of family togetherness, big rambling open spaces and rustic charm.

Do you want to recreate this farmhouse look at your current home? If yes, you’re probably searching for a modern interpretation of farmhouse style. We have plenty of flooring ideas to make your home scream ‘modern farmhouse’.

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