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Houses built in the craftsman style home design have a distinctive American feel. With rugged, distinct exteriors brimming with stylish options, the interior of these houses, or bungalows, feature an open layout to take advantage of smaller square footage. The versatility of the craftsman style home design makes it a great choice for couples or families looking for a lake home or rural retreat.

Craftsman houses appeared around the turn of the 20th century in California. Brothers Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene, both architects in Pasadena, were inspired by England’s Arts and Crafts movement to design houses featuring wood and other natural materials instead of new architectural influences from the Industrial Revolution. After craftsman style home design made a huge splash in House Beautiful and other popular magazines of the day, the craftsman enjoyed its peak of building popularity from about 1905 to 1930.

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Houses constructed in the craftsman style became part of the American culture in the early years of the 20th century. The houses are truly different from the richly decorated Victorian mansions that existed in affluent areas in America. Most craftsman style homes are simple in nature and they are almost always at one with nature. Decorating a house of this style is as per individual taste, but mixing new and old decorative themes have a great effect.

Here are tips for decorating such a home.

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craftsman style home

The art and craft home, also referred to as the Craftsman home, is one of the most adored design styles of modern times. We wanted to explore the history of the craftsman style home and were surprised to find this design can be traced back a few hundred years. No matter how far back the history of craftsman style, it remains an attraction to many and a style loved by many.

Elements of Craftsman style homes are rumored to have been first used by the Hindus in India. They crafted thatched roof cottages with porches and heavily overhung roofs. At the time that the British colonized India, the British officers returning home from India in the 19th century brought with them the Indian Architecture and later adapted it when they built their own homes.

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